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Information about our platform

If you are a first time member of Meet Other Students, you will receive the first 2 months of membership as a gift. After the first 2 months you can change to a paid membership. 

Prices per month:
Monthly membership: € 2,95
Quarterly membership: € 2,75 euro
Yearly membership: € 2,50 euro

Prices include VAT.

At this time, there is no APP available, but Meet Other Students does intend to offer an APP. As soon as the APP is launched, members will be informed. The website has been made as mobile friendly as possible.

This is very annoying and not the intention. If a member of Meet Other Students is bothering you, you can report this via We will take appropriate action in consultation with you.

Log in to Then go to your profile (top right) and click on 'Settings'. Then go to your 'Account' and you can change your password.

You can easily request a new password. Click on "Login" and then on "Forgot password". Enter your email address and follow the instructions you will receive from us by email. 

Log in to Then go to your profile (top right) and click on 'Settings'. Then go to your 'Account' and you can change your email address. Don't forget to save the change.

We are always open to feedback! Share your feedback at

Our platform aims to put you in touch with other members. Transparency and reliability are of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we ask each member to provide his/her first and last name. This information is only visible to members. Do you feel that your data is being misused? Please report this via

In some activities you can only participate if you are in a certain age category. That is why we ask you to give us your date of birth, so that we know how old you are.

Copying information from our platform without permission is prohibited. The images are protected by copyright. If you do want to copy something, you can ask permission via

We are always open to new input and would love to look at the possibilities with you! Contact us at or call us at 073-2020034. For more information, check out our press page, see Media below.

We are always open to new collaborations and would love to look at the possibilities with you! Contact us at or call us at 073-2020034.

Participation in activities is always at your own risk. Meet Other Students is not liable for (in)direct damage as a result of participating in activities. More information can be found in our terms and conditions. We advise members to be careful with every activity and to take the necessary precautions. 

We are always open to new advertisers and would love to look at the possibilities with you! Contact us at or call us at 073-2020034.

Meet Other Students handles the personal data of its members with care. Personal data will never be shared with third parties without permission. More information can be found in our privacy statement.


All information about activities

To participate in activities, you must become a member of Meet Other Students. The first 2 months of membership are a gift! Once you are a member, click on the activity of your choice in the activity overview. Then click on sign up. This will put you on the participant list of the activity. 

If an activity is cancelled, unfortunately it will not take place. If you have already paid for the activity, the organizer will refund the cost of participation to you.

To do this, click on the + button next to the little bell or click on 'create activity' in the activity overview. 

You can organize exactly the activity you feel like doing. Organize a beach day or a drink in the park. Decide where, when the activity will take place and how many students can participate in your activity. 


Alle informatie over COVID-19

We ask all students participating in activities to adhere to the measures of the RIVM. Keep 1.5 meters distance, stay home in case of complaints, and possibly do a self-test on the day of the activity as a precaution. 


Information about followers

If you want to stay informed about the activities that a specific member organizes, you can 'follow' this member. When you follow a member, you will be notified as soon as this person organizes a new activity. 

Personal profile

Information about your profile

To add or change a profile picture, go to your 'profile page'. You go to your profile page by clicking on the circle to the right of the little bell. Then click on the camera icon.

Yes, in principle other members can see in which activities you participate. If you do not want other members to be able to see this, you can indicate this in settings and then in 'privacy'.


All information about messages

Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to send other members a message. We are working hard to make this feature available as soon as possible. However, an organizer of an activity can send participants a message.

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