Founders of Meet Other Students

Meet Other Students is an initiative of Stijn Rademaker and Cédric Schretlen. Together they have one goal: connecting students in a fun and casual way! Are you curious about their story? Then read on and meet the founders of Meet Other Students.

Stijn Rademaker

Stijn is 27 years old and studied Business Administration at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Besides his studies Stijn played tennis on a semi-professional level. During this period he discovered that the often obligatory student activities could not be combined with his busy schedule. And so the need arose for activities where and when he wanted. Stijn is social, optimistic and a creator of good vibes! He likes to bring students together in a fun and accessible way and wants to contribute to the well-being of students. Do you have a question for Stijn? Then contact him at

Cédric Schretlen

Cédric is 35 years old and studied Small Business and Retail Management at the Fontys University in Eindhoven. At a young age Cédric was already interested in building websites. His hobby eventually grew into his own internet agency, of which Cédric has been the owner for over 15 years. Besides this work, Cédric likes to do social activities and meet new people. A game night, Escape-room, night at the cinema or an afternoon of supping: nothing is too crazy! Cédric is enterprising, creative and brimming with enthusiasm. He would like to bring students in contact with each other in a casual way and wants to contribute to a great student time! Do you have a question for Cédric? Then contact him at

Meet Other Students